five most common

Roaches native to missouri

German Roach
(Blattella germanica)

German cockroaches are more than just nuisance pests – they have been linked to disease transmission by picking up germs on the spines of their legs as they crawl through decaying matter. These germs are then transferred to food and other common surfaces that humans frequently touch. They are also one of the most difficult roaches to exterminate.

Brownbanded Roach
(Supella longipalpa)

Brown-banded cockroaches prefer dry and warm locations and can be found inside cabinets, pantries and closets. Brown-banded cockroaches can also hide from humans in a variety of places such as clocks and picture frames. They tend to avoid water sources and are more commonly found near the ceilings of infested homes.

American Roach
(Periplaneta americana)

They develop wings as they become adults.They pick up germs on the spines of their legs and body as they crawl through decaying matter or sewage, and then transfer the germs onto food or cooking surfaces. The saliva, urine and fecal droppings from American cockroaches contain allergen proteins known to elicit allergic reactions and asthma attacks

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Wood Roach
(Parcoblatta pensylvanica)

The males are drawn to lights at night, so they may crawl into your home through a window frame or other opening. When they are indoors, it's a temporary situation, typically a few weeks in the spring. The wood cockroach eats decaying organic matter such as rotting trees and leaf litter.

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Oriental Roach
(Blatta orientalis)

Oriental roaches are sometimes called "water bugs" because they come out of drains, and "black beetle cockroaches" because of their smooth, dark bodies. They are known for their strong, unpleasant, "roachy" odor.

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