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Our initial approach to solving your rat or mice problem is rat/mice proofing your home. We do this by sealing any cracks or holes in building foundations and exterior walls.  After rat/mice proofing the home we will assess the situation and determine the best course of action to rid you of your rodent problem. Depending on the situation we may conduct any of the following procedures to exterminate the problem, such as: various baits, various traps, and tracking powder.

We will first inspect the home or business to determine the level of infestation. Upon inspection we will treat 30 ft out from the structure targeting any nesting or breeding sites. We will thoroughly treat all shrubs, bushes, and other vegetation ensuring a tick and flea free home or business. Inside treatments will varying depending on infestation level. Further information on inside treatment will be given after a thorough inspection has been conducted.

German roaches are one of the most difficult pests to completely eliminate. However, it can be done.To guarantee a roach free home or business we target the infestation location by treating all the cracks and crevices inside the home. We treat under furniture, behind appliances, in drawers, under sinks, around pipes, and in cabinets. We use various methods depending on infestation and location such as: gels, baits, fogs, and aerosols. German roach treatments take multiple visits to completely rid the home or business of the infestation.

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Our general pest plan covers all typical pests including: spiders, ants, roaches (excluding german roaches), silverfish, wasps, etc.

Every general pest plan includes: dewebbing, foundational treatment, yard treatment, etc.

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