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My name is Jake Ingledue and I am the owner of 417 Pest Solutions. I live here in Marshfield with my wife (Abby) and daughter (Alivia).

Behind the title I wear as the “Bug Man,” is a family man and United States Veteran, who loves the Lord and enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Besides killing bugs, I enjoy the outdoors, sports, and
meeting new people. After, serving in the military I decided to go to college. To help fund college and support my family I fell upon a job that was quite fitting: pest control. I found that I was very successful at it and decided I wanted to start my own pest control business that would provide a service to protect families, homes, and businesses from those creepy crawlers I absolutely despise!

With the support of my family we created 417 Pest Solutions.



You may be wondering: “Who in their right mind would choose to work with bugs?”

When, first learning how to drive I had an experience that; little did I know, would forever shape the course of my life. While practicing to drive with my dad I got distracted by something slowly creeping its way toward me from
the ceiling of my truck. I, regrettably, took my hands off the steering wheel along with my eyes, to
destroy one of my fears known as: The Spider!

That moment instilled in me a vendetta for bugs! In case
you were wondering after having scared my dad about half to death we arrived home safely.

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We guarantee a professional, efficient, and affordable service to our Missouri friends and family. Our family owned business doesn’t just eliminate pests but it aims at providing a peace of mind for families and businesses.

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