The most common rodents that cause problems for homes and business in Missouri are: mice, rats, and moles.  They are easily recognizable by their fur and“mouse-like” appearance. Rodents are very common in the fall and winter seasons as they are actively looking for warmer shelter, such as your home.

Missouri rodent family

Rodents native to missouri


One of the more dangerous spiders in the United States.

Though they are not necessarily aggressive, black widows’ bites can be very harmful. Death seldom results from a black widow’s bite in healthy adults. However, children and elderly are


This spider gets its name due to the fact it avoids parts of rooms where human activity is prevalent.

The Brown Recluse bite can be harmful. Their bites are usually sharp but not initially painful. Death from their bite is extremely rare, but the


The spider is about ¼ inch long, with legs and head (cephalothorax) darker than the abdomen. It is known to be yellow, white, or greenish.
Though not originally native to the United States, the Yellow House Spider is rather common.

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